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We think bookmarks are great for designers.

But here's why we have been told they’re not

I use Notion or Sharepoint etc. for this.

Ah, the 'important links' document: a well intentioned list that quickly becomes the source for everyone's manual bookmarking. Leading to the document becoming out-of-date as people forget to update it in favor of their bookmark.

My bookmarks don’t change often.

This might be the case for your perfectly organized personal bookmark collection, but once you start sharing it you would be surprised what valuable changes others can make.

My password manager stores my links.

Keeping links in your password manager is all well and good until you realize it's quicker to type the URL from memory than it is to navigate through it.

Sorry, I don’t use bookmarks.

We honestly think you're missing out by not using bookmarks. But hey, if bookmarks aren't your thing, then you absolutely don't need shared bookmarks.

Dreamt of being a bookmark expert?

Neither did we, but here we are.

Bookmarks aren't designed to be shared but we fixed that.

We run 1000s of tests across new versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge just to keep your bookmarks in sync.

We care way too much about bookmark sync.

Our Bookmark compatibility layer ensures that we support both Chrome, Firefox and Edge natively despite the fact they weren't built to work together.

Bookmark support that you didn’t know you needed.

We are here to help you with all your Bookmark problems or questions, as long aren't the kind you put in a physical book.

That’s it. We’re out of stuff to tell you about shared bookmarks.

(We all know that isn’t true, but wouldn’t you rather just give them a try?)

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