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Sharing Bookmarks With Your Team

multiple devices all in sync

This guide explains how to share native bookmarks with your team across the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Sharing bookmarks ensures that every team member has consistent access to a knowledge base of your important links. When a bookmark folder is shared, any updates or changes made by anyone with access will be instantly updated for everyone.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Install the Extension
    • Visit your browser’s store and download the extension. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  3. Access Share Options
    • On the homepage, click on Share Folder.
  4. Select Your Sharing Type
    • Choose the ‘Share Across My Browsers’ option.
  5. Pick a Bookmark Folder
    • Select the bookmark folder you’d like to share with other browsers.
  6. Pick who you will share with
    • Enter the email addresses of who you would like to share the bookmark folder with
  7. Confirm & Share
    • Hit the Share button.
  8. Complete the Setup
    • Everyone you have invited will be emailed instructions on installing Bookmark Llama once they have signed up and installed the extensions. This bookmark folder will be visible on their bookmark bar. Any changes you make will be visible to all users you have shared with, and any changes they make will be visible to you.


Why does everyone need to install an extension?

Without the extension, it’s impossible for us to detect changes to your bookmarks and modify them. Our browser extension is very lightweight and designed purely to push changes made by you and pull changes others have made.

How long does the sync take to run?

While the sync process is typically near-instantaneous, the duration can vary depending on the volume of bookmarks and the quality of your internet connection. In some cases, bookmarks may take a few minutes to be synced across all platforms.