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Share Bookmarks Across Browser Profiles

multiple devices all in sync

This guide details the process of sharing bookmarks across various browser profiles. Many users with multiple profiles struggle to keep bookmarks consistent. While browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft offer synchronization features, they aren’t tailored for those balancing work and personal profiles. Furthermore, users frequently prefer to segregate personal bookmarks from work-related ones, opting to share only specific folders instead of their entire collection.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Install the Extension
    • Visit your browser’s store and download the extension. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  3. Access Share Options
    • On the homepage, click on Share Folder.
  4. Select Your Sharing Type
    • Choose the ‘Share Across My Browsers’ option.
  5. Pick a Bookmark Folder
    • Select the bookmark folder you’d like to share with other browsers.
  6. Confirm & Share
    • Hit the Share button.
  7. Complete the Setup
    • Install the extension and log on to all browsers and profiles where you want access to your shared bookmarks. If you share more than one folder, follow steps 3-6 again until all the folders you want to share have been selected.


Why do I need to install an extension to do this?

The extension allows for integration with your browser; without this, we cannot offer this service, as accessing these browser APIs is the only way to build a third-party sync.

How much will this cost?

Bookmark Llama is entirely free if you only want to share bookmarks with yourself or a friend. We do, however, have paid plans that are designed to suit teams.

How long does the sync take to run?

While the sync process is typically near-instantaneous, the duration can vary depending on the volume of bookmarks and the quality of your internet connection. In some cases, bookmarks may take a few minutes to be synced across all platforms.