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Getting Started Guide

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What is Bookmark Llama?

Bookmark Llama is a browser extension that enables you to share your browser’ native bookmarks with anyone on any device. Our extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge is easy to use and requires no changes to your existing bookmark workflow.

Unlike other bookmark tools that require you to move your bookmarks to their third-party bookmark manager, we do things differently; our philosophy is that the best way to improve bookmarks is to build upon your browser’s native bookmarking experience.

Why is this different from the built-in browser’s sync?

If your goal is to share all your bookmarks across your devices and you use the same browser everywhere, we recommend using the built-in synchronisation in your browser of choice.

However, if you are looking for a more flexible synchronisation experience and you want to avoid manually importing and exporting each time a change is made; Bookmark Llama is exactly what you need; we enable you to do the following;

What sort of people are using Bookmark Llama?

We have hundreds of users covering a wide variety of use cases, but here are the most popular;

  • Technical teams that want consistent and quick access to all their tools and technical resources.
  • Sales leaders ensure everyone is aligned with the most recent document iterations.
  • Project managers who want to ensure that the correct people always have access to crucial project resources.
  • Small businesses that want a simple resource-sharing method.
  • Professionals keep a subset of bookmarks synced between personal and work devices.
  • Power users aiming for a cohesive experience across multiple browsers.
  • Families planning activities, from world trips to finding a new home.

And many more. We love to hear about what problems Bookmark Llama is solving for people, so feel free to reach out and let us know!