TeamSync Bookmarks Shutdown

On June 25, Teamsync Bookmarks announced that it would be shutting down on July 31. Although Bookmark Llama is not officially affiliated with Teamsync Bookmarks, we are happy to assist anyone who would like to migrate to our product so they can continue sharing bookmarks exactly as they did before. We understand that transitioning between services can be challenging, and our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for all Teamsync users. To facilitate this, our team is ready to support you in the migration to ensure minimal disruption to you and your team. 

Overview of Bookmark Llama

We're a husband and wife team, and we created Bookmark Llama in 2022 after previously using Teamsync Bookmarks to share our own bookmarks for our software development agency. As experienced software developers, we aimed to build the most reliable bookmark-sharing product on the market. We have been actively developing the tool ever since, and as of today, we are proud to serve over 200 teams of professionals. We are committed to delivering a reliable, easy-to-use product with high-quality human support. (Reach out to me directly if you have any questions:

Free Plan

Bookmark Llama is free for anyone who wants to share bookmarks between their device and with up to one other person per folder. This free option is designed to meet the needs of most personal users, offering a simple and effective way to manage and synchronise bookmarks across devices and with friends and family. Additionally, believe in supporting our community, which is why we are also committed to providing our software for free to charities and students. We encourage organisations and individuals from these groups to reach out to us.


For more information on our paid plans, please check out our pricing page. All of our paid plans come with a 1-week free trial, which can be extended by another week by providing any feedback you have, good or bad. We value your input as it helps us improve our product and ensures we are delivering the best service possible to our users.

Migration Guide to Bookmark Llama

Bookmark Llama often serves as a convenient drop-in replacement for Teamsync Bookmarks, as both are designed to synchronize native browser bookmarks across teams. We have provided a guide below to assist you in making the transition. This guide will walk you through the process of removing Teamsync Bookmarks to prevent any potential conflicts between extensions. Follow by instructions for installing and setting up Bookmark Llama.

Removing Teamsync Bookmarks

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions/ in your browser
  2. Locate the TeamSync Bookmarks extension in the list 
  3. Click Remove
    TeamSync Bookmarks - Remove Extension step

Getting Started with Bookmark Llama

  1. Signup for Bookmark Llama
  2. Select if you would like to only synchronise bookmarks across your own device or if you would like to share them with others.  
    Sync or share bookmark folders, Bookmark Llama product
  3. Give Bookmark Llama access to see your shared folders by installing the extension for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge A screenshot of Bookmark Llamas Bookmark folder selector with a warning that the browser extension must first be installed
  4. Select which folder you would like to share.A screenshot of Bookmark Llamas Bookmark Folder selector with the IT Resources folder selected
  5. If you are sharing this folder with someone else, add the email addresses of everyone you want to share with. A screenshot of Bookmark Llama's share with email invite input
  6. Click either Share or Sync to finish sharing your folder.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, queries, or feedback, please contact us here or directly via email at or