Bookmark Llama Getting Started



An organization is a group of users that can share and manage folders with each other. Read more about Bookmark Llama organizations on our FAQ page.

Create an account

After installing the extension, navigate to the create an account page and enter your name, email and password.

Sign-up page for Bookmark Llama

You’ll then be asked whether you want to set up a new account, which creates a new organization or join existing users on Bookmark Llama.

Set up a new account

If you want to set up a new account, select that option once you sign up. You’ll then be asked a couple of questions, such as whether your account is for business or personal use.

Set up a new organization

Once you set up a new account, you automatically become the creator of an organization and admin of that organization.

Join an Organization

If you want to join existing users, then you need to be invited by email.

Join an organization with an invited email address

You can create an account and join an organization using the same email address that received the invite. By using the same email address, you’ll be immediately added to the organization which invited you.

Join an organization with a different email address

If you’ve received an email invite, but you want to create an account with a different email address than the one you were invited on, that’s no problem! After sign-up, select the option to join existing users and then you’ll be able to enter the invite code from your email invite.

Join an organization

Enter the invite code from your email invite to join an organization.

Input an invite code to join an existing organization

Before sign-up, you will need to install the extension for Bookmark Llama on your preferred browser.

Get Bookmark Llama for Chrome

Get Bookmark Llama for Firefox

Get Bookmark Llama for Edge

Share or Create a Folder

Click Share Folder on the Folders section of the extension to share or create a folder.

You will be able to see and share any existing folders at the highest level of your Bookmark Manager (folders located in other folders are not shown here). You can select any of these displayed folders to share.

Share an existing folder

If you want to create an entirely new folder, simply click Create New Folder. From there, you’ll be directed to enter a folder name and then invite users.

Create a new folder

If you do not have any existing folders in your Bookmark Manager, you’ll be directed to create a new folder.


Encryption is only displayed to users on our enterprise plan when sharing or creating a folder. You can encrypt your folder by adding a password when prompted. If someone is invited to an encrypted folder, they’ll need the password to see the contents of the folder.

Encrypt a folder

Invite users to your folder

Once you’ve selected a folder to share or created a new folder, you can invite users to your folder. You can select users from your organization to invite, and you can also invite users by email.

If you invite someone via email, they will automatically become part of your organization once they create an account.

Invite users to a folder

Accept shared folder invites

You will be able to see any folder invitations in the extension. You can choose to accept, decline or dismiss the invitation.

As soon as you accept the folder invite, the shared folder will automatically appear on your Bookmarks Bar and Bookmark Manager. If you dismiss the invitation, you can respond to the invite later on.

Shared folder invitations on Bookmark Llama

If you receive an invite to an encrypted folder, you will be prompted for the folder’s decryption password when accepting the invite. You will need to input the password to view the folder’s contents.

Organization Invites

Invite to an organization

Once you create your organization, you can invite users to join your organization to share folders with them later on.

Navigate to the Admin tab, and invite users via email. We have more details on this on our FAQ page on inviting users to an organization.

Invite users to your organization via email

Sync your folders

Once you create a shared folder, it will automatically appear on your Bookmarks Bar and your Bookmark Manager.

You can add, remove or rename your bookmarks as you usually would, and changes will automatically sync. Everyone with access to that folder will always have the latest version of bookmarks.

Transfer bookmarks from one computer or browser to another

If you want to access your bookmarks on a different computer or browser, then you simply need to log in to the extension. Your shared bookmark folders will be added to the browser’s Bookmark Manager in Chrome and Edge or Favorites in Firefox.


Update your plan or view your billing information by navigating to your profile and clicking the Upgrade Plan or View Billing button, depending on your current payment plan. These buttons are only available to admins of the organization.

Admin profile on Bookmark Llama with View Billing button

Still not sure of something? Check out our FAQs for any other information you may need! Don’t hesitate to contact support with any questions or feedback at