Bookmark LLama FAQs



What is an organization in Bookmark Llama?

An organization is a group of users that can share and manage folders with each other. An organization is created when a user sets up a new account without joining existing users.

Set up a new account and create an organization

The organization creator is always an admin, and they can invite users to the organization or directly to folders via email.

How do I invite users to my organization?

Only admins can invite new users to an organization.

You can invite a new user directly to a folder via email while sharing the folder. Add the email address in the text-field, and click Enter or the plus icon. Then click Share Folder to sync your folder and send invites. All users invited to a folder will automatically be added to the organization.

Invite users to a folder via email

You can also invite users to an organization via email. Navigate to the Admin tab, type in the email addresses to invite and click Send Invites.

Admin page which allows users to invite users to their Bookmark Llama organization

Is the organization creator automatically an admin?

Yes, the person who creates the organization is automatically the organization’s admin.

If the organization creator deletes their account, is the organization deleted?

No, the organization remains intact regardless of who deletes their account. To delete an organization, you need to contact Bookmark Llama Support at


How do I add bookmarks to my shared folder?

When you create a shared folder, it’s automatically added to the Bookmarks Bar and Bookmark Manager in your browser. You can add bookmarks as you usually would to a folder in your Bookmarks Bar or Bookmark Manager.

Every change made in the folder will sync for everyone who has access to that shared folder. If you’re using the extension on Chrome or Edge, you can access your shared folder on your Bookmark Manager by clicking Open Folder.

Open your shared folder in your browser’s Bookmark Manager by clicking Open Folder.

Click 'Open Folder' to open a specific folder in your Bookmark Manager


What are admin privileges?

As admins, users have the ability to:

Admins also have the following special privileges in shared folders. They can:

How do I make a user an admin?

Existing admins can give admin permission to others. Navigate to the Admin tab and select the List Users section. In this section, you will see all users in the organization and have the option to make them an admin or delete them from the organization.

Making a user an admin in the organization

If the user is already an admin, you will not see the option to make the user an admin.


How often does a sync occur in Bookmark Llama?

As soon as a change occurs in a shared folder, we synchronize this to our servers. Additionally, we check for updates for shared folders once a minute as per the behavior of Google manifest V3.


What is an encrypted shared folder?

An encrypted folder is used for storing sensitive bookmarks that only authorized users should be able to see. When a folder is encrypted, the contents are not visible to third parties without the encryption password, including Bookmark Llama.

How are shared folders encrypted?

Encrypted folders get encrypted with AES-128, AES-192, or AES-256, depending on the password size set. Additionally, we store a salted SHA256 hash of both the URL and name of each bookmark. This hash is used for change detection due to the non-deterministic nature of AES.

The encryption password for a shared folder is stored locally and sent to the Bookmark Llama servers as a salted SHA256 hash only. This hash is used for verification purposes when accepting an invite to a shared folder or decrypting an existing encrypted shared folder locally.

How do I encrypt a shared folder?

Encryption is only possible with Bookmark Llama’s Enterprise Plan.

You can encrypt a shared folder on folder creation. You’ll be prompted to add a password to encrypt the folder. This password is required if you want to encrypt a folder.

A folder being encrypted on creation, which makes the folder and its contents completely private to third parties

When invited to an encrypted shared folder, you will need to provide the same password used at creation to gain access to the folder and its contents.

An encrypted folder invite where the invitee needs to input the encryption password to access the folder and its contents

If you log in to Bookmark Llama from a new machine or browser, you will need to input the decryption password by clicking the Lock Icon to the left of the folder.

An encrypted folder which is locked until the user can enter their decryption password once again

Can I change the password to an encrypted folder?

It is not possible to change the password of an encrypted folder because all audit logs and the history of this folder are encrypted with this password. If you want to remove a user from an encrypted folder, you can unassign them in the folder’s settings. Click the gear icon (⚙), then navigate to List Users for the folder. From there, you can unassign a user from the folder by clicking the bin icon next to that user.

Can I recover a lost password for an encrypted folder?

We cannot recover lost passwords for an encrypted folder; this is because the password is never known or changeable by Bookmark Llama. We advise using a password manager to backup your passwords where necessary.


How can I access shared folder back-ups?

Bookmark Llama saves the entire shared folder and its contents each time there’s a change, e.g., adding a bookmark to the folder. We store the folder and its contents on our servers, so a rollback to any version is always possible. We currently do not have this feature exposed in the UI, but please get in touch with support, and we can quickly help you roll back to any version you’d like. Contact support at


How do I view billing for my Bookmark Llama organization?

If you want to update your plan or view your organization’s billing information, navigate to your profile and click the Upgrade Plan or View Billing button, depending on your current plan. These options are only available to admins of the organization.

Admin profile on Bookmark Llama with View Billing button

If you still have any unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at!